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Zistt Features

Save email overload

Zistt is an enterprise productivity solution that uses a publish-and-subscribe model to improve communication while reducing email overload. Zistt allows you and your employees to:

Publish status updates, ideas, news, links, and questions without cluttering up inboxes.
Reply to status updates and have discussions.
See what people are actually working on and talking about.
Subscribe to the people and topics that are relevant to you.
Search archived messages as a knowledge-base.

Ease of use

Zistt is a very simple and intuitive to use tool. User can login and land on his home page and can process without having to perform any other activity

Is easy to use and intuitive to learn.
Works perfectly on mobile devices, including iPhone, Blackberry, and SMS.
Keeps everyone constantly connected.


Zistt is your next generation SaaS solution which companies and organizations everywhere are finding easy to use without having to overload the sysadmins and IT staff for backup, recovery and security. We take care of the problem, you enjoy the solution. It’s that simple.

No installation or maintenance costs, since all software and data is hosted on our secure servers.
Data is accessible by your employees wherever they are.

Mobile Integration

Zistt is in the process of releasing secure SMS integration with your corporate’s mobile devices. Companies can send/receive messages over secure SMS channel where the messages are encrypted and decrypted along via using industry proven 256 bit encryption algorithms.


Although anyone with a valid company email address can start a free Zistt network, companies can claim their network by paying for optional administrative ("admin") tools:

Manage Content and Members – Remove a member from the network or delete any message.
Password Policies – Determine the minimum character length and complexity for passwords.
Session Settings – Require email confirmation when logging in from a new browser.
IP Range – Assign an IP range for your network, restricting access to your office network or VPN.

Virtual Groups

The group feature to create virtual groups with members from various departments clubbed into one collaborative group (viz: disparate members from development, finance and HR clubbed into say, Emp Compensation etc. ), the ability to “follow” a topic so you can stay updated on a particular task within your company empowers everyone to be highly productive.
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