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Zistt Microblogging Benefits
    Breaking down silos - In any company, no matter how large or small, there are inherent silos of information that is restricted within each team, group or departments. There is little communication that is outside these ‘accounting’, ‘finance’, or ‘IT’ groups. They know about what you are doing, and you know what they are doing… but you don’t necessarily know what the people in other teams are doing. True for most companies of sizes more tha 50. Using Zistt and microblog updates, one can passively observe what people are doing… to get a better understanding of what is happening across the company.

    Connecting a distributed work force – With advent of home office working, remote logins, vpns, branch offices or off-shore facility employees and other mobile work force, we have workforce scattered around the globe. For the remote employees, there is a sense of being connected into what is happening in the main office. Main office employees also get a sense of what these people are doing out in the distributed offices.

    Presence Progress - One can update their status of lunch, meeting or discussion or leaving early whatever it is without having to resort to a formal group email. You can understand if they are working on a project with which you are involved, know the progress being made without having to ask or bother them.

    Understanding impending sales - For some folks who are involved in delivering services to customers, it has been useful for them to be aware of impending sales (when microblogged by a sales rep) so that they know it will be coming their way soon.

    Connecting on related activities - One of the benefits of sharing across silos is that sometimes people can learn of real-time activities that are connected to something else going on.

    Status reports - Many of us prepare weekly status reports and a benefit of regularly updating a microblog is that creating a status report becomes easy in that you can scan back through your updates for the week and easily know what you did.

    Commredairie - Sharing of little things we didn’t know about each other that can help build the community to which we belong.
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