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What’s the buzz about Zistt

The question Zistt asks, "What task are you working on?" The idea is apparently to stop all chain emails that fill up your Inbox waiting for a simple answer. Team members replies are channeled to server repository enabling teammates to discuss ideas, share files, update news, ask questions, and share other project related information.

Zistt creates a rich database related to employees conversation that can searched, tagged, accessed and shared with multiple groups creating a huge internal knowledge base. New employees or team members can build up rapport with other team members by viewing/sharing profiles.

Zistt's users can contribute to ongoing discussion within a group or choose to reply to specific messages. They can attach photos, documents or videos. Zistt also has user profiles, groups, so people can have conversations that other employees cannot see. Users can check Zistt and post updates from the Web or via phones.

Zistt is free for anyone with a corporate e-mail address. Companies can choose a secured account and enable other services, secure groups, password, secure IP, blocking employees from groups, unlimited file size sharing, timesheets for field employees and secure SMS capabilities.

Zistt is a new way to do a lot of stuff we already do at work more easily, economically and with spiked productivity.
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